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Virtual Reality Trauma Simulator VireTS

a cross-border collaboration initiative between tech-innovation companies and military medical professionals, jointly working on development of an innovative and future oriented defence solution for the virtual training of multi-national teams of European military medical personnel


The project

Medical​ emergency
simulation environment

synthetic environment where real-life major incident scenarios can be virtually played out and medical decision-making skills can be trained.

Life-like scenarios

an opportunity to perform
extremely high-risk medical tasks
in a no-risk training environment.

Virtual cross-border training of multi-national teams

improved cooperation between European military medical personnel
in major incident scenarios.



The virtual reality emergency medicine training simulator is being designed in close synergy of civilian knowhow, academic research, and collective defence expertise of the Armed Forces of the European Member States, thus pushing the traditional boundaries of medical application in the military as well as enrichening European defence innovation ecosystem.
Exonicus R&D – expertise in military medical simulation software in virtual reality environments
Aditerna – expertise in simulation resource planning and management and human performance analysis technologies
VR Lab – Expertise in mixed reality development and in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies